Voters Can Find Out Exactly What Levies Will Cost Them Before The Election


Voters are facing a number of levies this year – for schools, senior services, libraries, street repairs, and more.

Franklin County Auditor Clarence Mingo said property owners can now go online to use the tax levy calculator on the auditor’s website.

“This gives them the power of information. It lets them determine whether or not they should or should not support a levy based on the financial cost to them,” said Mingo.

Users just have to do is search for their property and click on “Current Levy Information” on the left hand side of the page.

The user can see which levies they will be voting on, get a description of the proposed tax hikes, and the estimated monthly tax that they would pay if it’s approved.

"We just decided to take the mystery out of the levy process and boil it right down to the penny so the voter or the property owner knows exactly how much the levy will cost them, and they also know what this levy's about,” said Mingo.

Consumer 10 tried an example in which people in one neighborhood would be voting on three levies. The program told us that if all three passed, one owner of a house would pay $63 while his neighbor would pay $71.

"The goal is not to be for or against levies, but just to make sure voters have the maximum amount of information before they get to the ballot and vote in support or not support of that levy,” said Mingo.

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