Voter Verification Change Causes Confusion In Delaware County


A change in how voters are verified caused confusion on Election Day in Delaware County.

Board of Elections officials said that voters no longer need to find their precinct when voting. Voters now only need to look for the first letter of their last names.

Officials said that the change was made to accommodate less experienced voters who may not know their precinct. They said that they looked at each of the county's polling locations and made their best attempt to evenly separate voters by first letter of last name.

This is the first year the county has used the alphabetical system instead of having voters line up by precinct.

Board members say they tried to prepare by stationing greeters at each of the county's polling locations.

The greeters are responsible for letting the voters know that they need to line up by last name as opposed to precinct.

Despite attempts to alleviate confusion, some voters said that the change caught them off guard.

“It was completely different because they lined us up by last name instead of precinct so I was lucky because my line was short but these other folks are waiting a long time,” voter Cinda Lemont said.

One issue election officials found was the use of electronics in the booths. Anyone planning to vote later today is asked to leave their cell phones at home - or at least in their pockets. Election officials said that electronics are prohibited and they have to tell people to put them away.