Village Residents Concerned About Police Cuts


Nearly 40 people packed into the Plain City Council Chambers on Monday night.

Some expressed their concern about the cuts to city services and at times it got ugly.

"Since the levy didn't pass you're punishing the village?" John Rucker, Plain City Safety Awareness Organization, asked Plain City Mayor Sandra Adkins.

"There's no punishment here. The people that left their jobs were replaced." Mayor Adkins said.

Rucker was one of more than three dozen people who packed the council chambers because of concerns over cuts to the village's police department.

Earlier this year, the village laid off one full-time officer and two part-time officers.

"Realistically to cover all of the shifts with at least two officers, we need another officer. There are going to be times where there's only one officer on duty," Rucker told 10TV's Jason Frazer.

Mayor Adkins told citizens that she shares their concerns over safety, but there are no funds to support more officers.

"There are no extra funds. We have had some reserve funds for several years. We've had to tap them because of the economic downturn ," said Adkins.

If additional officers are needed, the Plain City Police can request help from the Union County Sheriff's office.

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