Video In Steubenville Rape Case Sparks Outrage Across The Country


There’s nothing funny about what teenage boys are joking about on a homemade video that was released on Wednesday.

“It is rape. They raped her. They raped her harder than the cop raped Marcellus Wallace in Pulp Fiction,” said one person on the video.

Their shockingly light-hearted conversation appears to be about the alleged sexual assault of a 16-year-old girl at a series of parties in August.

Photos were taken and posted online that night that allegedly show two boys carrying around an unconscious girl.

Police say the accuser has no memory of the alleged assaults.

On the video which recently was posted online, the boys joke about the girl appearing "dead".

“She's deader than Obi Wan Kenobi after Darth Vader cut his head off, that's how dead she is,” the boy goes on.

Police said they are aware of the video, but won't say whether the teens in it witnessed or participated in any crime.

"We had that video very early in the investigation. The subject in that video has been questioned, and all that's been turned over to Mr. (Mike) DeWine's office in Columbus,” said Steubenville Police Chief Bill McCafferty.

The inflammatory video was leaked by the vigilante hacker group known as “Anonymous.”

It accuses authorities in Steubenville of thwarting justice in the case to protect star football players.

“As far as I'm concerned, we've done a thorough, proper investigation,” said McCafferty.

Two 16-year-olds, Trenton Mays and Ma'lik Richmond, are charged with the rape and neither is the teen seen in the YouTube video. Both are student athletes at Steubenville High School.

10TV spoke with an attorney for one of the suspects.

Adam Nemann said that his client, Trenton Mays, was in a dating relationship with the alleged victim. He’s already had one charge against his client dropped.

Nemann is worried that the provocative Internet postings could hurt his client’s chances for a fair trial.

“This media has become so astronomically ingrained on the Internet and within that society, I am concerned witnesses might not want to come forward at this point. I would be surprised now, if there weren't witnesses now who might want to start taking the Fifth Amendment,” said Nemann.

Nemann said he's concerned the group called “Anonymous” may actually resort to hurting someone if the case doesn't turn out the way their members want.

There have already been protests over the case in Steubenville and another one is planned on January 5. The demonstration is being organized by a group called Occupy Steubenville and will be held at the City Hall at noon.

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