Video Shows Madison County Man Laughing, Joking After Causing Fatal Crash


The actions of a driver right after a fatal crash are being called shocking and heartless by prosecutors.

According to officials, Timothy Ackley did nothing to help the victims and laughed and joked after causing their deaths.

It's been nearly seven months since Ann Neal lost her daughter and son in law.

“It is like it was just yesterday. I don't know how you move forward because I can't do it,” said Neal.

On April 7, Ackley's pickup truck crossed the center line and collided with the motorcycle carrying Mark and Jo Ann Williams.

The first witnesses on the scene after the crash say they could only see Ackley's pickup truck in this ditch and were unaware of the motorcycle or the two victims who lay dead.

They stopped to see if Ackley needed help.

“He's on a cell phone, telling them that he's okay, that he's got help on the way, telling them to just keep on going. And it's only as these people are pulling away that they realize that there are bodies underneath the defendant's vehicle,” said prosecutor Eamon Costello.

Costello said the help that Ackley had called for wasn't police or medics, but someone to help him flee the scene.

“He doesn't seem the least bit concerned about what has happened to these people,” added Costello.

Dash camera video shows Ackley stumbling and slurring through his field sobriety test.

When most people would be devastated, he appears amused. He laughs as he's arrested.

A short time later, inside the cruiser, he shows he's aware of the severity of the situation.

“Did they get the dead bodies next to my truck?” he asks a law enforcement official.

Later, troopers said Ackley referred to Jo Ann Williams with an expletive, joking about the size of her breasts.

“He's not even human as far as I’m concerned,” said Neal.

Neal said an error in judgment is one thing, but such cruelty in the face of tragedy is another.

“There's a place in hell for people like that. There is,” she said.

Ackley pleaded guilty on Tuesday to two counts of aggravated vehicular homicide.

He faces up to 16 years in prison when he’s sentenced on December 13.

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