Video Shows Alleged Kidnapper's Violent Streak


Video released on Thursday showed a violent outburst by a man accused of kidnapping his daughter-in-law and suspected in her death.

Video taken from a Vinton County sheriff's deputy cruiser showed the temper of William A. Inman, a man who neighbors said controlled his family and thought of himself as a religious leader.

Summer Inman was found dead on Tuesday night, buried inside a septic tank behind an Athens County church. 

William A. Inman, 47, his wife Sandra, 46, and Summer's estranged husband, William A. Inman II, 26, were all charged with kidnapping. Investigators suspect them of being involved in Summer's death but they have not yet been charged.

The video was taken in December, when deputies evicted the Inmans from their home.

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The deputy was called to the house to protect Inman's estranged daughter-in-law, Summer Inman, and her boyfriend.

Deputy Ryan Cain said Summer was most worried about her father-in-law, who, in front of deputies, blamed her for the family's problems.

"She said that her and her husband had been in some arguments in the past, and he always got involved, and he had a real bad temper," Cain said.

When Summer's boyfriend pulled up, it sent William A. Inman into a rage.

"He said he was going to '(Expletive) shoot him. Or (expletive) kill him,'" Cain said. "He squared off with me and said 'Don't put your hands on me.' I said, 'Now I've heard you yell at everyone else here long enough, you're going to be placed under arrest.' He said 'No, I'm not.' And it just instantly turned into a fight."

Cain eventually had to use a Taser to subdue William A. Inman.

Cain said when he heard about the Inmans allegedly being involved in Summer's kidnapping, he was disappointed but not surprised.

"William Inman is their leader, like their king. They'll do what he says," Cain said. "They're blinded by loyalty and he's blinded by rage."

Summer and William A. Inman II were married in 2004 but the couple separated last year, 10TV News reported.  Since then, she was granted a civil protection order and filed for divorce.  In court documents, Summer Inman claimed that her husband "threatened to kill" her if she ever "took the children from him."  She also said her husband would take her car keys, wallet and cell phone to leave her "captive" in the couple's home.

She also spoke of her in-laws, saying that she knew they would "gang up on me and try to get me to just work things out."

Police said that information from Sandra Inman led investigators to the location of Summer Inman's body, and a coroner determined that the mother of three died of strangulation,.

Outside the courtroom where Wednesday's arraignments were held, William A. Inman denied any involvement in his daughter-in-law's death.

"I didn't do a thing to Summer," he said.

All three Inmans were each ordered to be held on $1 million bond.

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