Victims Taken For Thousands In 'Pigeon Drop' Scams


Dublin police said at least two people have lost money in scams that started when they were approached by strangers in store parking lots.

An 88-year-old woman was first approached by two people at Meijer store on Sawmill Road on Sept. 7.

According to police, the woman said that one of the men offered a woman a white envelope, asking if she dropped it. He then claimed it contained $250,000.

The first man then went into the store and came back and claimed that the store had said they could keep the money. He told the victim that it would cost her $8,000 in taxes to cover her part of the $70,000 share.

The victim went to her bank and gave the men the money. They claimed they would contact her again, but never did.

A similar type scam was reported Sept. 12, according to police.

At the Goodwill Store on Sawmill Road, two women approached a 58-year-old woman and told her that they found $75,000 in the parking lot and wanted to split the money.

The women convinced the 58-year-old to go to her bank and give them money to hire an attorney.

The suspects took the victim's money into the Stein Mart on West Dublin-Granville Road and gave it to someone that they claimed was an attorney who worked there.

Both scammers disappeared and were not seen again. Police released a surveillance photo from Stein Mart.

Authorities called the scams "pigeon drops," in which a person or persons claims to find money and want to split it with a stranger.

A similar scam was also reported recently by Columbus police.

Anyone with information regarding the suspects or that has been the victim of a similar offense is encouraged to contact the Dublin Police at 614-889-1112.

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