Victim's Family Upset About Violence Near After-Hours Bar


It's an area of East Columbus that's seen multiple acts of violence in the span of one year.

Two men were killed after a shooting in the 13-hundred block of East Fulton Street at the corner of Kimball Place on July sixth of last year.

Now a family wants to know why their loved one was killed at the same location that neighbors say houses an after-hours bar.

The body of 32-year old Marcus Vancleaf was found in front of the door leading to building.

Vancleaf's uncle, Victor Peoples, is demanding the city tear this building down.

"Get it out here," says Peoples.  "I don't care what they do.  Make it a playground."

Peoples says he ran from his home across the street to find his nephew 32-year old Marcus Vancleaf dying Saturday.

Police say he was shot. The gunman remains at large.

"As packed as this place was everybody scattered by then and left him right here", Peoples says.

Peoples claims he's repeatedly called police to complain over the years about everything from loud music to prostitution-yet the bar never was shut down.

"Whatever they're doing now ain't working I'm not going to say this could have been prevented because if this wasn't working they would have nowhere else to go," he says.

A man who told 10TV he rented the building, but wouldn't give us his name, wasn't interested in talking.

"Would you get out of my face", he said.

He told 10TV's Kevin Landers he was inside the building cooking when he heard the shots, but wouldn't answer our questions about whether he knew an after-hours bar was operating in the back.

"I'm not responsible for anybody who go out and do what they do have a nice day sir," said the man.

Peoples says VanCleaf leaves behind 5 children including a newborn.

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