Victim Turns The Tables On Scammers

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It's another version of the Publisher's Clearinghouse scam, only this time the victim turned the tables on the scammer.

"Mr. Montgomery, this is Brenda Williams. I'm calling to see how close you are to bringing my sky blue Mercedes and my 3 million dollars and my $500,000 in cash," said Brenda Williams into the phone.

Williams was calling back after she got a call from a man with an accent saying she had won the Publisher's Clearinghouse Sweepstakes, and they would bring her winnings if she would pay $300 in taxes using a Moneypak card from WalMart. 
She knew it was a scam, and she called out the scammer on the phone.

"Your scam has been exposed. What do you think about that?" she asked.

"Listen sweetheart, I'm not a scammer, ok?  I'm a man of my word.  I'm a trustworthy person, ok?" the man on the other send said."You need to get the Moneypak card so we can get your money to you, alright?"

"I don't think so.  You are scamming and this is illegal.  And you're going to be behind bars.  Goodbye!" responded Williams.

Brenda did the right thing. If you get a call, you should just hang up on these crooks.

You can also report these scams to the police, the Federal Trade Commission or in this case, Publisher's Clearinghouse itself.