Victim Describes Attack By Stranger in Westerville Park


A Mt. Gilead man said he was violently attacked along a Westerville bike path.

Jason Hubbell, 39, said he was caught off guard when a stranger sucker punched him on the bike path along Schrock Road.

Hubbell says the crime happened on Christmas Eve. He was visiting a friend at Saint Ann's Hospital and went for a walk to smoke a cigarette. He says he ended up walking along the nearby bike path when he says he was approached by a stranger.

"He said 'hey, he asked me for a cigarette so I gave him one, I gave him a light and then gave it back to me and just hit me,'" Hubbell said.

Hubbell said was briefly knocked unconscious after hitting his face on a sandstone barrier. He says he wasn't able to get a good description of the suspect who ran off.

Hubbell thinks the attack may have been related to a crime known as the "knockout game" where assailants attempt to knock out an unsuspecting victim for amusement.

Although the assault didn't dampen his holiday spirit, it did force him to be more cautious.

"It was dark, I wasn't paying attention. It's just crazy I don't understand it you know? Especially on Christmas Eve," he said.

Hubbell is hopeful police make an arrest soon. Westerville Police are asking the public to be vigilant and aware of your surroundings at all times.