Veterans From Four Generations Talk About Military Service

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It was the first time the four veterans had met.

Navy Corpsman George Saribalas talked about their immediate bond.

“When I think of what each one of these gentlemen, right here, and others have gone through - and how many have ended up in graveyards,” said Saribalas.

It’s the reality of war as Army Staff Sgt. Donald Dunn explained. He talked how he barely survived a battle against the Germans in 1945.

“We were assigned to take hill 775 and we did, but not without encountering machine gun fire from above us, and when we got halfway up the hill a sniper was behind us. It was the sniper that picked me off and everybody else in our platoon,” he explained.

As these veterans from Gahanna share their stories of service and duty, they know other stories are quickly fading by the day.

“So Veteran’s Day, for all of us who are American, we need to be very proud that we have such gallant men that go out and give their lives so that we can have freedom here in the United States,” said Saribalas.

They are men that Jim Williams won't ever forget. In his 42 years of service, this two-star general often sent soldiers into battle.

“I’ve mobilized a lot of people in Desert Storm and Desert Shield and parents came to me and said my son is now going to war is he going to be fine and you look them in the eye and say ‘Yes’ but in five months you have to tell them their son is dead. It's a humbling experience,” said Williams.

Roland Hall, 91, has seen it all - covering three wars since 1942 as an Army Air Corps pilot.

“We were safer flying than on the ground. This gentlemen here, where he had to take a hill, we used to see them doing that in Vietnam. We'd be flying at night and we'd see tracer bullets going from one another,” said Hall.

All four veterans will take part in tomorrow's annual parade in downtown Columbus.

Each will be escorted by a Gahanna Police officer -- who is also a military vet.