Vehicles Being Warmed Can Be Prime Targets For Thieves


Running your car for a bit before driving may be good for the engine, but it's also good for thieves if you leave your vehicle unattended.

Warming up your car may be a good idea on frigid days, but it can lead to problems. That’s what happened to Jill Walker.

“I heard a car door, but I thought it was the neighbor's. And when I opened the door, the car was gone,” said Walker, car theft victim.

Walker left her car running in her mother's driveway while helping her with some errands. In moments, it was stolen.

“After it happened, I just couldn't believe it. I was just devastated,” she said.

Columbus police say they've taken dozens of reports of stolen cars this week, many while cars were warming up unattended.

Police say thieves, working as a pair, are the most common method for these heists. They canvass neighborhoods looking for exhaust fumes coming from empty vehicles.