Vandals Target Hilliard Man’s Elaborate Christmas Display

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A man was trying to stay in the holiday spirit even after vandals targeted his elaborate Christmas display.

Each December for more than two decades, Haworth has turned his front yard, on Old Wynne Road, into a Christmas wonderland.

Dean Haworth said that it took him four days to set up his holiday display, but it took vandals less than four minutes to badly damage it.

The display, which includes 32 snowmen, always draws a crowd.

“We had a group come by in a limo and wanted to take a picture,” Haworth said. “That’s what makes it fun.”

On Monday night, police said that vandals trashed part of Haworth’s holiday masterpiece, damaging ornaments and 13 snowmen.

“They looked like a mess,” Haworth said. “I just wanted to cry.”

Instead of crying, Haworth pulled out his glue gun and started rebuilding the wooden snowmen—piece by piece.

“This wood is so fragile, when it gets broken, it’s just a mess,” Haworth said.

Haworth was able to restore some of the damaged snowmen, but others remain in the dark.

“I’d like them found and their hands smacked,” Haworth said. “Just to say that this is wrong.”

Police continued to search for the vandals responsible.

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