Vandals Target Cars, Signs, And Garages In Upper Arlington


Upper Arlington police say they’re investigating nearly a dozen acts of vandalism Thursday evening, including an incident at Fancyburg Park.  

Karen Dwyer says she brings her two-year-old son to the park to play a couple times a week. 

“It's very picturesque, says Dwyer.  “We enjoy coming here.  We feel safe here.”

But Upper Arlington police say overnight vandals targeted the park and spray painted graffiti on the pavilion where Phillip recently celebrated his birthday.

Police say they believe the same vandals tagged speed limit signs, stop signs, garages on private property, and even a teenager's car parked on the street. 

Police it's not the first time something like this has happened.  

in July, police say someone spray painted graphic images and obscenities on vehicles, homes, even a U.S. post office drop box in the area of Abington and Charing Roads.

Police say they can't say for sure whether the two crime sprees are related, but Dwyer says she hopes officers catch the people responsible for causing thousands of dollars in damage.

“I think it was probably kids or people acting out but hopefully there are no other crime situations we have to worry about.”    

Upper Arlington police say if you have any information about the crime if you notice any suspicious activity in your neighborhood, they want to hear from you. 


Upper Arlington PD Vandalism Reports