Vandals Spray Paint Racial, Homophobic Slurs in Lewis Center Neighborhood

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Delaware County deputies are investigating racial and homophobic slurs spray painted on garage doors and vehicles in Lewis Center.

It happened in the Oak Creek neighborhood off East Powell Road.

Scott Delong's garage door is getting a new, unexpected coat of paint.

It was nearly impossible to see on Friday, but photos show what one Lewis Center homeowner found Thursday morning spray painted across his garage door.

"It said hate with a racial slur and hash tag nature boy, which is a twitter reference, I'm assuming. And it said dot 22 calico which I had to Google; it's an assault rifle of some sort," DeLong said.

DeLong said he doesn't feel like he was targeted because 10 people on his cul-de-sac reported similar vandalism to mailboxes, vehicles and garage doors.

Robert Wade Jr. said a neighbor helped him to quickly cover up the slurs he found.

"It was a little inappropriate; they had a male organ and a plus sign and the letters spelled h-o-m-o on it," Wade said.

Some neighborhood residents told 10TV they believe the vandals are likely kids who went a little too far.

DeLong said, "It's a pain and an experience I don't ever want to happen again, but again, no one got hurt."

10TV spoke with one neighbor who said he's lived in the area for decades and says this is the first time anything like this has happened in the neighborhood.

Deputies said they are still investigating and don't yet know if juveniles are responsible for the vandalism.

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