Vandals Shatter Dozens Of Vehicles’ Windows


Residents who live near Minerva Park said on Wednesday that they had never seen vandalism as bad as it has been recently.

Resident Randin Glig said that vandals shattered up to 20 vehicles’ windows along Bretton Woods and Chanterwood drives between midnight and 3 a.m., 10TV’s Ashleigh Barry reported.

“It’s going to be in the thousands just because some teenagers wanted to blow windows out with their gun, stupid,” Glig said.

Glig, who has lived in the neighborhood for four years, said that some vehicles were shot as many as four times.

“(Police) said there were pellets on the ground, so we’re thinking they shot them out with pellet guns,” Glig said.

Police said that they believed several people were involved because paintball guns were used, Barry reported.

Brandon Hazelton said that his car was shot at.

“They paintballed my window, and they took a pellet gun and shot the glass out of my window here,” Hazelton said.

Hazelton said that it cost him nearly $300 to repair his car.

Glig said it cost him the same amount.

“Everyone is (having a) hard time with the recession and all,” Glig said. “Nobody wants to spend $300 on their windshield just because some kids want to have fun.”

Police said that nothing appeared to have been stolen from the vehicles.

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