Van Connected To Cluster Of Burglaries


Police said a green minivan was seen at three burglary scenes near Grandview Heights.

Kelly Gardner's landlord called her and told her she was a victim.

"I came straight from work and sure enough the doors were wide open." Gardner said. "And they had taken everything that was electronic."

Gardner showed 10TV's Justin Moss the broken door after crooks used a crow bar on it to get into her house on Northwest Boulevard near Grandview.

"They completely severed the lock, so it was still locked but they had just broken the hinge completely out of the door." she said.

The bold burglars broke into three homes including two on Northwest Boulevard and one on West Third Avenue.

All the burglaries happened in the middle of the day.

Gardner's neighbor said she saw one of the burglars come up to the door and knock. When no one answered the door, then neighbor said he got into a green minivan with another man. The van pulled around to the back of the building, the neighbor said. That's where police believe the burglars loaded the loot into the van and took off.

Gardner said she lost thousands of dollars in electronics.

"You just think that it's not going to happen to you. It's such a busy street all the time that I never ever imagined that this would happen to us." she said.

The neighbor said the license plate started with the letter "F."

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