U.S. Marine Recruit Helps Catch Robbery Suspect


An 18-year-old U.S. Marine recruit from Groveport helped catch a robbery suspect outside of a Canal Winchester bank.

T.J. Johnson was standing inside the Fifth Third Bank when he went from customer to crime fighter.

“This woman came in and she was screaming and yelling ‘Someone took my bag, someone took my bag!’” said Johnson.

Johnson told the woman to catch her breath and asked where the suspect had gone. The woman said she had been knocked to the ground, and a bag was taken from her hands.

Johnson said he tried to think like a police officer. He had the woman focus on what the robber was wearing.

Johnson said once he had a description of the suspect and a direction, he got into his car and came to an equipment lot. He saw the man near the fence and took a cell phone picture in case the man got away.

Instead, the suspect came back over the fence to where Johnson was waiting.

“As soon as I got out of the car, I said ‘Let me see your hands’ and he had the duffel bag under his shirt. So, the first thing I thought was, is he pulling out a gun when he pulled up his shirt?  But, he was just pulling out the bag,” said Johnson.

T.J said that's when he took the suspect down and grabbed the bag.

Johnson is just 18-years-old but he happens to be studying criminal justice.

“It was just like another day in class,” he said.

The Fairfield County Sheriff's office identified the suspect as 21-year-old Dominque Artis of Columbus. He faces a charge of robbery.

Artis remains in the Franklin county jail with no bond.

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