Upper Arlington Schools Examine Building Safety

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Parents in Upper Arlington understand that there may be no easy solution or quick fix to safety concerns.

When the question is safety at her children’s elementary school, Aimee White said she approaches it with caution.

“But not just walking up to school, you know, you go to the movie theater and you go to the mall, and so it's always a constant reminder,” said White. 

Safety will be on the agenda Wednesday night at a first of several meetings for parents in Upper Arlington. The first meeting was being held at Upper Arlington High School.

Officials plan to inform as well as listen to concerns.

“I think it's important for the school districts to, when they're educating, get to know the families who are involved in their schools. Know the people who are coming to their schools,” added White. 

Much of the focus of the meetings will center on school visitors.

One safety official for the district told 10TV News that they will better enforce rules that are already in place in Upper Arlington.

It will be mandatory for visitors to “buzz-in” at the elementary school level. The same policy will be discussed for middle and high schools.

Once inside, all schools will be encouraged to funnel visitors past the main office area.

Another challenge at the high school will be monitoring 32 exterior doors.

An open lunch policy means kids exit everywhere, and it could make unwanted entry an issue.

Smith believes all schools should learn from each other to make sure no building, or child, gets left behind.

“They’ve actually implemented changes already to our building. That we've all seen, and I think that eases the worry,” said White. 

The district said that “worry has made culture change a necessity when it comes to safety.

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