Upper Arlington Puts Rezoning Plan On Hold After Neighbor Complaints


A debate over rezoning is on hold after neighbors packed council chambers in Upper Arlington Monday night.

The issue revolves around seven and a half acres of city owned land at the corner of Tremont and Kenny, where the municipal building sits.

The zoning board didn't expect the dozens of people who crammed into their meeting.  It was forced to move to council chambers.   Everyone came to say no to the rezoning of the city owned land to office and research development.

Plans haven't been announced but an office building at the site would bring in money for the city.  The zoning board voted not to recommend the change to council.

"It's from a safety angle, also inconsistency of maintaining green space in our parks, not wanting to go down the slope of selling off city property,"  said resident Mike Kull.

Council was supposed to vote on the issue but, after much discussion and push back from residents, they decided to postpone it for now.  Residents feel not enough people were informed when this process first started.

"The hurry has been bothersome, the fact that there are areas to be rezoned  that have not been explored has also worried us,"  said resident Judy Stillwell.

Council had come back with a compromise to rezone five acres, leaving two acres of green space but residents want more time to talk about options.  Council plans to take this issue up June 9th.