Upper Arlington Police Warn Of Increase In Burglaries, Thefts


Police say there have been a series of home burglaries and vehicle thefts in Upper Arlington.

The thieves have struck across the community at various times of day and night. They are targeting unsecure houses and unlocked cars.

Often, the property that was taken had been left in plain view. In has included currently, jewelry, firearms, and electronics.

Residents are asked to contact police if you see the following:

• Someone looking in windows of houses and parked cars.
• Someone forcing entry into a house, garage or vehicle.
• Property being taken out of houses where no one is at home or from closed businesses.
• Cars, vans, or trucks moving slowly with no apparent destination or without lights.
• Any unusual noise, regardless of the time of day; for example, a scream, breaking glass, loud crashing sound, prying, or any audible alarm.
• Any strange/unknown cars parked or running on the street or in your neighbor’s driveway.
• Someone running from a house or location.
• Someone screaming or shouting for help.

Police offer the following reminders for residents. Keep all doors and windows to homes and vehicles locked. If possible, park in well-lit areas and remove or store valuables out of plain view. Document and maintain records of serial numbers for personal belongings and valuables.

If you have information or questions, please contact the Upper Arlington Police Division at 583-5160.