Upper Arlington Man’s Love For Rock And Roll Carries On After Death


Tim Pfening of Upper Arlington never played an instrument or sang professionally, but he collected a vast array of music memorabilia including more than 6,000 records.

The Beatles and Rolling Stones were his favorite bands, and a mint-condition record of the Stones song “Brown Sugar” on the “Sticky Fingers” album was his pride and joy.

The album now is at the store Records Per Minute on High Street, where he and the owner, Steve Louis, were friends.

“Any little allowance even, he would spend on a record,” said Tim’s wife, Suzi Pfening. “In fact, our very first fight when we first married, we fought over him buying a record, and we didn’t have enough money to buy something for dinner that night.”

Suzi knew Tim loved music so much that years ago, she got him a membership to The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland. Tim started making donations to the Hall, even though his health began to decline.

Tim and the Rock Hall’s Rob Sikora spoke on the phone and had hoped to meet, but unfortunately, Tim’s time ran out.

After having a massive stroke, his family brought his music collection to the ICU.

“We just filled the whole room with music,” Suzi said. “He took his last breath to ‘Satisfaction.’”

The song had become a sad one for Suzi until she heard it again at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Those who work there surprised her and her family by putting his name on the new Rolling Stones exhibit.

That was not the last of the surprises. Those as the Hall even put Tim’s name on a brick right by the museum’s front doors.

The brick says “Strawberry Fields Forever. Tim Pfening, a Rock Hall forever friend.”

Tim’s name is in some good company with some other individuals who donated bricks to help raise money for music education.

Back at “Records Per Minute,” Louis is selling Tim’s music collection.

Suzi says it was a little difficult to keep it all close, but she still has a few of his favorites, including the “White” album.

Now, just a drive stands in between her and a tangible tribute to her Music Man.

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