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As WBNS-10TV  continues efforts to reach a fair deal with DISH Network, we want to update you on the situation and clear up some questions that viewers have raised.


Despite DISH Network's claims that WBNS has requested massive increases, they have acknowledged that our proposed rates are in-line with or lower than what they pay other broadcast groups.

DISH Network negotiates deals with large broadcast groups. These companies often own over 20 stations nationwide. WBNS is part of the Dispatch Broadcast Group. The Dispatch Broadcast Group owns two television stations; WBNS and WTHR in Indianapolis, Indiana.


Since we are a smaller company, DISH refuses to acknowledge our value to the viewers in Central Ohio, even though WBNS has a long tradition of service to the community, and the #1 rated local newscasts.

That is unfair to you and to us. 

DISH is seeking deep discounts to improve their bottom line and are putting their customers in the middle to achieve this goal.

Make sure DISH Network knows you want the best in local programming: such as 60 Minutes, NCIS, Survivor, Jeopardy the Browns, Bengals and Steelers with the NFL on CBS. Plus, the #1 rated 10TV News.

Please e-mail: Andrew.Lecuyer@dish.com, or melisa.ordonez@dish.com, the DISH executives handling this negotiation, or call 303-723-2487.

You can also share your comments with DISH Network's Facebook page by CLICKING HERE or on their Twitter page by CLICKING HERE. Tell DISH to stop playing games and start finding a solution.

Want to watch WBNS now? Call  these providers, and don’t forget we are always available free, over-the-air:

•    Time Warner Cable: 1-800-934-4181
•    Insight: 1-800-686-2200
•    WOW!: 1-866-496-9669
•    ATT U-Verse: 1-800-288-2020
•    DirectTV: 1-888-777-2454



To help clear up some of the misconceptions, WBNS has put together some answers to the most commonly asked questions.

Q:     If your signal is free, why are you charging DISH Network?
A:     Local TV stations invest tens of millions of dollars each year to produce local programming, acquire the best network and syndicated programming, and maintain the systems to transmit that programming.  Congress passed a law many years ago recognizing that cable and satellite companies shouldn’t be allowed to just take this programming for free.  The law recognized local TV stations’ right to require compensation from cable and satellite companies that resell their programming at a profit.  DISH is seeking to avoid paying Dispatch fair market rates for the right to resell WBNS’s signal.

Q:    Are you seeking the massive increases as DISH Network has claimed?
A:     DISH Network's claims are misleading. For many years DISH Network has enjoyed rates that are far below what the other video providers in the area have agreed to. DISH has acknowledged that our rates are fair and in-line with what they pay other broadcast groups but are reluctant to do the same with WBNS.

Q:    You blame DISH Network then DISH Network blames you. Who am I to believe?
A:     WBNS has reached fair and reasonable agreements with EVERY other video provider in central Ohio. Not once have those negotiations resulted in WBNS being taken away from those company's customers. In contrast, DISH Network regularly uses this guerrilla tactic of intimidation in carriage disputes  DISH has been involved in disputes with over 70 local television stations throughout the country over the past three years that resulted in those stations coming off of DISH, in some cases for months at a time. It also has been involved in disputes with popular cable channels, some of which remain unavailable on DISH today. The pattern is clear.  DISH Network's tactics are the reason you're not able to see WBNS.

Q:    When will this be settled?
A:     Our sincere hope is to have a reasonable and fair deal in place as soon as possible. DISH Network has not been as cooperative in these talks as we would have hoped. Early in the process they were less than responsive to our offers, one of which included an offer to keep WBNS on their service. The leadership of WBNS and our parent company has worked all hours of the day and night, 7 days a week since this began. You have our promise that we will continue to make this a top priority.