Union County Family Killed in Colorado Plane Crash


A family of three from Raymond, Ohio was killed in a plane crash in Colorado. The family was there on a family vacation.

The plane had taken off from the Rocky Mountain Airport Monday morning when it went down in the Loveland Valley Ski Area, outside of Denver.

James Kerker, 43, was piloting the plane, his wife, 39-year-old Amy Kerker and their son, 6-year-old Lucas Kerker were all killed.

A witness told investigators that the single-engine plane was struggling before it went down.

Captain Randy Long of the Clear Creek Sheriff’s Office, said, “Initial call came from an eyewitness who watched the aircraft fail to gain enough altitude to clear the ridge line, turn back toward the Denver area, lose power and crash into the trees.”

The family was riding in a Piper PA model. Records contained on the FAA database show that James Kerker owned a similar plane, but because the plane caught fire, investigators said they are unable to identify it.  

Neighbors of the family tell 10TV Jamse Kerker got his pilot’s license a few years ago.

Pictures from Amy Kirker’s Facebook page show the father and son in 2012 about to climb aboard a small plane.

Nationwide Children’s Hospital confirmed that Amy Kerker worked at the hospital as a pediatric surgery nurse. In a statement, the director of the program said about Amy, “She was known for her advocacy for her patients and families; she routinely went above and beyond to see that their needs and concerns were addressed."

The NTSB is investigating the crash.