Two-Year-Old Boy Recovers After Shot While Playing Outdoors

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A two-year-old boy is recovering at Nationwide Children's Hospital after he was shot in the stomach while playing outside.

Police said it happened in the 2600 block of Wicklow Road Saturday night.

The child's grandmother, Deborah Rock, said she can't live in fear anymore.

"That it will happen to another child I don't want another family to go what we're going through it's heartbreaking, and I just don't want another family to have to endure the pain and the hurt that we have," Rock said.

Rock said that pain and hurt was the result of a gunshot that she said sent her grandson Cohen Trussell to the hospital Saturday night.

Police said Trussell was shot in the backyard while his parents were grilling.

"We're not staying, we are going to move. I can't have something else tragic like this happen again," Rock said.

Columbus Police said they have no idea who fired the round, but it doesn't appear that the boy was the target.

Rock has a message for the person who pulled the trigger.

"Don't be out here doing things like this, there are innocent children, they don't deserve things like this. Come forward and be honest. Do it because you're human," Rock said.

She also has a message for other parents with children in the neighborhood.

"Keep your kids close and keep an eye on them. You never know," Rock said.

The grandmother said the family has lived in the neighborhood for four years and this was the second shooting that she can recall.

Trussell will turn three-years-old in August.