Two Women Narrowly Escape Death on Indiana Train Bridge

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A train’s security camera captured the tense seconds as two women walking along a bridge dive under a train to avoid being crushed.

According to WTHR Indianapolis, the incident occurred earlier this month on the 80-foot high Indiana Railroad bridge northeast of Bloomington at Lake Lemon.

Shuffle Creek Bridge - Courtesy WTHR

Eric Powell with Indiana Railroad says people sometimes follow a trail up to the railroad, where they trespass onto the bridge. There are no walkways on the bridge, because no one is supposed to be walking there.

The camera captured two women walking on the bridge as the train approaches.  They have nowhere to go but dive on the tracks and let the train pass over them.

Courtesy WTHR

WTHR reports the engineer of the 100-car coal train applied an emergency brake, but thought he had killed the pair.

Miraculously, they survived the incident.

"When the trains topped, the two women crawled out from under the engine, started running this way," Powell said. "He yelled back and asked them, 'Are you okay?' One yelled she had stubbed her toe, (but was) otherwise fine.”

Indiana Railroad says the women have been identified and will be prosecuted for criminal trespass.