Two Students Face Possible Charges For Emptying Fire Extinguishers In School Auditorium


Two central Ohio middle school students face school discipline and possible charges after school officials say they emptied two fire extinguishers inside a high school auditorium.

The superintendent of Southwest Licking Schools say the two middle school students, a brother and sister, were at the high school Friday afternoon serving afterschool detention just before the alleged incident.

On Monday, residue was still visible inside the auditorium of Watkins Memorial High School, left behind after the extinguishers were sprayed all across the stage.

Southwest Licking School officials say it was the work of two middle school students; a brother and sister.

“I am in total disbelief," said parent Sue Shephard.

"I just can't believe these kids do this stuff," said parent Terrie Baker

District Superintendent Robert Jennell says the alleged incident happened Friday afternoon after the two students had wrapped up their after-school detention.

“After detention was over, I believe their ride hadn't gotten there yet, so they roamed around the building and unfortunately they found some things they weren't supposed to do and did them,” said Jennell.

School officials say the fire extinguishers were only used on the stage, but it still created enough damage that they were forced to cancel a dance recital that was scheduled Sunday by an outside group.

"We also have other events,” said Jennell “This is a big week for us we also have graduation, we have a couple of band concerts and they were scheduled to be in there."

Jennell says the band concerts will be moved to the middle school gym and says professional restoration services will be used to get the auditorium ready for graduation.

He says that will cost the district roughly $20,000.

"That makes it even worse, because we didn't even pass our levy,” said parent Sue Shephard, “that makes me irate."

That’s why parents say they hope the two students are disciplined.

“They need their butts busted,” said Terrie Baker. “That's exactly what they need.”

The superintendent says they are still looking into whether someone was supposed to be watching them and the circumstances of how they got back inside the school.

However, he says in-school discipline and possible charges with Licking County Juvenile Court are being considered.