Two Columbus Children Killed By Father In Israel

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A Columbus community was stunned after police say a father murdered his two young children Wednesday, allegedly to spite their mother.

The children were visiting their father in Israel at the time.

Gordon Hecker, the head of the Jewish Federation, received a call from the Israeli Consulate late Wednesday night.

"They were asking me to put them in contact with the local Columbus Police," said Hecker.

The story that unfolded is sickening.

"No individual, no family, no community should be put through this kind of a horror," said Hecker.

Hecker was told 10-year-old Sara and 11-year-old Yishai Levy were killed in Israel, stabbed by their own father. 

The two were students at the Columbus Torah Academy, over there for a visit with their dad.

"I'm a father. As a father, when you hear about something horrific like this happening to anybody else's children all you can feel is shock and horror," said Hecker.

Hecker says the kids had just gotten there, had a dinner with extended family, then their father told police he attacked them after they went to sleep.

Hecker says the family had lived in Israel until the parents divorced a couple years ago.  Israeli police say there were complaints of violence against the husband during the marriage.

"I know there was a divorce, I know it was not a friendly divorce," Hecker said.  "I think by the terms of the divorce, the kids had an obligation to visit the father a couple of times a year and that's what they were going for."

The mother, Karen Levy, brought the kids back to Columbus where she is a preschool teacher at the Jewish Community Center.

Hecker says grief counseling is being offered to Levy's co-workers and the childrens' school friends.

"These were apparently not just kids who were full of life but really impacted everyone else,"  said Hecker.

Israeli authorities are not yet releasing the name of the father just yet in this case.

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