Tutors Help Central Ohio Students Fight Off Summer ‘Brain Drain’

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While the pool is open and school is out for the summer, kids may be losing the knowledge that they just gained.

It’s called brain drain. Some studies show that in the summer, students lose 30 percent of the knowledge that they learned the previous year.

That means teachers have to spend the first six weeks of the new school year re-teaching information that may have been lost.

“I'm not very good at calculus, so if I took it over the summer, I could take it at another school and get the transfer credit,” said Nicole Dach, Blacklick resident.

Dach is going into her sophomore year at Tulane University, and this summer she decided to skip the pool and hit the pre-calculus books.

She also hired a tutor.

Stefano Campagna is one of more than 400 professional tutors teaching this summer in Central Ohio. He says more students crunching numbers or reviewing chapters could decrease the time teachers usually spend reviewing the previous year.

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“During the summer, students are allowed to go through their own devices and just watch TV all the time or play outside all the time. They're not going to retain all that information that was, I guess, a bit boring for them, that was in text books,” said Capagna.

Capagna recommends home tutoring first, but says it's not too late to send your kids to the library book club, take a last-minute music lesson, or join a late-summer academic or athletic camp. He suggests anything that will keep your brain learning and your body back on a schedule.

“During the summer you become so, so lazy you kind of forget what it's like to be in the rhythm of school,” said Dach.

Dach says that thanks to her tutoring, she did end up getting an “A” in her calculus class.

Costs for tutors can vary. If you hire a high school student, expect to pay between $10-15 an hour.

For a certified teacher, costs could climb to $25-50 an hour.

Tutoring agencies or centers start at $25 per hour, but discounts are usually available if you pay by the month.