Turf War Budding In Olentangy Local School District


A community group wants to change the Olengangy Local School District high school football fields from grass to turf, 10TV’s Tanisha Mallett reported on Thursday.

Some parents are arguing that the cost of turf is too high.

The cost to install the turf at the district’s three high schools is estimated at more than $2 million, Mallett reported.

Mike Bull, a member of the Olentangy Turf Committee, said that he thought the districts fields are underused.

“Forty-five times a year is how often we use this field right now,” Bull said. “With turf, we expect the use to go up to 150 times a year or more, so it would be used by all levels of athletes.”

The turf committee started a campaign to replace the grass at the district’s sports fields with artificial turf.

Those in favor of installing the turf said that the district would save money because it would not have to tend to the fields.

Those against the turf said that was a luxury and that the district should not pay for it, Mallett reported.

Turf committee members said that they wanted the community to chip in.

“We do not want it to be a taxpayer expense, but we do want it to be a community benefit,” Bull said.

Bull said that his committee has raised $1.4 million and needs the district to give its blessing to co-sign on a loan. He said that the turf committee is committed to pay for the rest of the field.

“The hope would be to try to do this as much ourselves as possible,” Bull said.

School board members voted on Thursday night to table the issue until the schools and parents could work together on a compromise.

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