Trustees Hold Meeting To Discuss Hiring Issues Following A 10 Investigates Report

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Franklin Township police hit the roads looking for trouble, but 10 Investigates has learned that some of those officers have had their own troubles.

In at least one case, Police Chief Allan Wheeler knew about the problem. 10 Investigates has learned that Wheeler hired an auxiliary officer despite questionable results from a lie detector test.

10TV is not naming the officer because he's never been accused of a crime. Not only did he fail the lie detector test, according to an email obtained by 10 Investigates, he "failed in several areas." The failures involved issues related to “sex on duty” and “theft from an employer.”

10TV interviewed the former Franklin Township Chief Albert Timko. He's the one who asked for the lie detector results.

“I recommended that we don't hire this individual based on the polygraph results,” said Timko.

Timko refused to hire the officer, and when Timko realized the officer later re-applied, Timko sent a letter to Township Trustees. It states that Franklin County Sheriff Zach Scott, who was not sheriff at the time, did the testing. According to the email, Scott found so many problems that he said, "(The officer) should be investigated."

“I wrote the trustees saying - what are you doing? This is a guy we failed. But, they hired him anyway,” said Timko.

Current Chief Alan Wheeler declined an on-camera interview. But he said in an email, "(The officer) was questioned about the polygraph results and provided explanations for the discrepancies."

"Well, if you don't pass the polygraph, there's no sense in going any further with the process,” replied Tomko.

The lie detector information follows other issues 10 Investigates exposed at Franklin Township. On Monday, 10TV revealed Wheeler hired two other officers that had problems in their backgrounds. One was accused of holding a gun to his throat and another was accused of stalking a co-worker. Wheeler said he did not know about either allegation.

Trustee John Fleshman says he wasn't in office when the controversial hiring was done. He says that he and the other trustees plan to look into it.

“That will be done in a timely manner. And, we definitely will change and look at the hiring procedures - and closely,” said John Fleshman, Trustee.

The current chief said by email that he is now quote re-writing the whole hiring process.