Tressel Tipster’s Law License On The Line After Speeding Ticket Dispute

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The man known best for sharing a tip with former Ohio State football coach Jim Tressel that prompted an NCAA investigation was in court on Tuesday.

Chris Cicero faced a judge after spending five days in jail because after he allegedly got a speeding ticket reduced by lying to Municipal Court Judge Scott Vanderkarr, 10TV’s Kevin Landers reported.

The ticket issued to Cicero stated that he was going 72 mph in a 50 mph zone. Cicero allegedly got Vanderkarr to sign off on the ticket after telling him that he had someone in the city prosecutor’s office amend the citation to a headlight violation.

It was later discovered that no one from the prosecutor’s office had agreed to the amended ticket, Landers reported.

Cicero was found in contempt of court. Cicero’s attorney apologized for his client’s actions.

“My client recognizes his failure to answer the questions delayed the court proceedings,” Attorney William Ireland said. “A fundamental misunderstanding with my client, the prosecutors and the court occurred. He sincerely apologizes for the inconvenience your honor.”

The judge forwarded Cicero’s case to the Ethics Commission of the Ohio Supreme Court, which could decide if Cicero will lose his license. He was already facing possible disciplinary action from the Ohio Supreme Court, which recommended his license be suspended for six months. A decision has not been made from the recommendation.

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