Train Accident In Worthington Leaves One Dead


One woman is dead after she was struck by a train in Worthington overnight.  The accident occurred near Park Road and Station Street in Sharon Township around 2:30 AM.

Investigators were searching the gruesome scene Thursday morning that included dismembered body parts and are trying to determine why the woman was on the tracks.

Investigators tell 10TV that the train’s conductor spotted the woman on the tracks and immediately tried to stop.  However, the train was carrying nearly 50 cars and was traveling 50 MPH and could not stop in time, striking the woman and killing her instantly.

Authorities are still trying to determine who the woman was and where she came from.

Park Road remained closed for several hours Thursday morning.  

Police are still looking for more clues, including a car that was parked nearby.  They were questioning whether it was the victim’s car and whether she walked away from it before she was struck.  

Investigators also tell 10TV the conductor wasn't certain whether the victim was standing up or sitting down on the tracks.  However, the train did have a camera on board and authorities are reviewing the tapes to determine exactly why this woman was there in the first place.