Traffic Shortcut Angering Hilliard Residents

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A shortcut for drivers is angering residents in one local neighborhood.  Now, police are stepping up patrols to crack down on speeders.

Hilliard resident Richard Schute is used to living on a quiet street in the Hoffman Farms neighborhood.   It is an area with a lot of kids, including his own.

“I've been vigilant about my two daughters playing out back because there's so much traffic going down there,” Schute said.   That added traffic is coming from drivers, who usually take Cosgray Road, which is now under construction.

“They've certainly not been going the speed limit through it,” Schute told 10TV’s Karina Nova.  The posted detour and suggested route is Leppert Road, but drivers are trying to save a few minutes by using Hoffman Farms Drive - a residential street.

“When we have a detour and when we funnel cars and they're taking short cuts through a residential street, we'll step up patrols to combat that,” Hilliard Police Lt. Ron Clark told 10TV.

The road just closed yesterday, but Hilliard Police say they've heard enough complaints, that they're stepping up patrols in the area.  A speed trailer will go up in the area and the police chief has approved overtime for officers to watch for speeders during construction.

And while it's not illegal to use Hoffman Farms Drive as a detour, police want to remind drivers it is a residential street, which means the speed limit is 25-miles-per- hour.

Schute says he hopes officers also watch for what kind of vehicles make their way through.  “I know the sign says ‘thru trucks prohibited’ and I saw a fair number of trucks.”

Cosgray Road will be closed for the next two months while crews replace the bridge over the Clover Groff ditch.  “It's a long way from 60 days,” Schute said.  The road is scheduled to be open just in time for the start of school, when traffic gets even heavier.

Meanwhile, the Hilliard Police Department tells 10TV they've pulled over several speeders in that area already.