Traffic Pattern Changing At I-270, U.S. 23 Northside Interchange

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Drivers at one of central Ohio's busiest interchanges are about to see a major change on the road.

The traffic pattern at the I-270, U.S. Route 23 interchange is changing.

Many drivers said that the construction work at I-270 and U.S. 23 on the north side of Columbus is needed.

Construction equipment, detour signs and orange barrels are familiar sights to those who drive the stretch, but Sunday night, after months of work, the project marked a milestone.

The loop from I-270 westbound to U.S. 23 South closed permanently.

Drivers must now exit on the same ramp to access U.S. 23 North and South, using a new traffic signal.

Driver Dave Rupp said he's ready for the change.

"If people are paying attention I don't have a problem with it, but you always get that guy at the last minute, 'oh where am I supposed to be' thing," said Rupp.

Just when you figure out where you need to be when you are traveling west, ODOT is switching things up to the east.

Monday night, road crews will close the loop from I-270 Eastbound to U.S. 23 North.

By Tuesday morning drivers will access U.S. Route 23 North and South using the same ramp and a new traffic signal.

Driver Seth Kraught is bracing for the change.

"The big change for me is that the Worthington lane is usually really clean, and the Delaware one is way backed up, and if we are all in one, I'm curious how that is going to be," Kraught said.

While the changes could be confusing to some, ODOT contends they will make traveling this congested interchange easier for all.

In addition to reconfiguring the ramps, ODOT will also be widening U.S. 23 and building a trench for express lanes. Click here for animation: <>

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