Traffic Moving Again In Atlanta, Mayor Answers Critics


Authorities in Atlanta have been hoping for above-freezing temperatures today to help melt some ice and snow from slick highways. But at Atlanta's airport, the temperature was still just 19 degrees at around 9 a.m. today.

School districts and state and local governments from northwest Georgia to the state's coast have announced that offices and classrooms will stay closed today.

Tuesday's snow and ice storm turned freeways into parking lots and left some people stranded in their vehicles for at least a day.

Traffic is moving again around Atlanta, but officials are warning that the ice-covered roads are still a threat. They're warning that snow and slush melt will likely refreeze, creating another big ice rink.

Area temperatures are expected to drop to about 15 degrees overnight tonight before rising to 50 degrees tomorrow.

Atlanta's mayor is battling back against accusations that the city failed to prepare for snow and ice that jammed freeways and left drivers and schoolchildren stranded for hours in sub-freezing temperatures.

Kasim Reed said many of the images of freeways littered with abandoned cars were taken not in the city but in the surrounding region. He said most streets in Atlanta itself are passable.

Reed said the lesson he learned from Tuesday's storm is that schools, businesses and government agencies should stagger the release of their students and workers before storms so they are not entering the freeway system at the same time.