Township Spends Tens Of Thousands To Fight Gender Discrimination Case

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An Orange Township firefighter has claimed fellow firefighters sexually harassed her, and then the department fired her.

Now, Rachel Peters wants to get paid for it.

Peters was a rookie firefighter on probation when she said she was harassed. Peters said the harassment happened inside an Orange Township Fire Hall.

In court documents, she claims that a fellow firefighter would use the only female bathroom while she was at work. And, she said, he used another restroom with the door open when she was close by.

Peters says the co-worker bragged about changing assignment locations so he could sleep with her.

Watchdog 10 pulled the records and found the township has paid $78,000 for attorneys and private investigators since 2008.

Peters' attorney said this could have been settled for much less, long ago.

“Yeah, that's the truly unfortunate thing about this, this could have been settled very easily, very economically at the time. There was an offer or request by our client to simply get her job back, with a minimal amount of attorneys' fees at the time. That was rejected at the time, and now we are five years later,” said Dan Mordarski.

The township’s attorney had no comment on the case. The trial starts Monday.

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