Township Firefighters Make Election Push To Save Jobs

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Becca Mount said she will never forget the morning that her daughter, Hadley, started to have seizures.

"We called 911, and they came and took care of her, and she was seizing on the bathroom floor for 15 minutes," said Mount.

Mount said it was a medic from Liberty Township Fire Department who helped her daughter.

"What I am afraid of is, when I pick up that phone and dial 911, I am going to have to wait an extra long time for them to come," she said.

Mount started "Save our Services" to spread the word to voters on the importance of supporting the Liberty Township Fire Levy.

The Liberty Township Administrator said another levy failure would be devastating.

"(If the levy fails), I'm not hopeful you would have any fire service of any caliber and mutual aid would be non-existent, because we wouldn't be able to provide reciprocity," said Township Administrator David Anderson.

There are different circumstances in Orange Township, but the levy on Tuesday is just as important to the fire department.

"If the levy does not pass tomorrow, drastic reduction in services," said Assistant Chief Matt Noble of the Orange Township Fire Department.

Noble said that while Orange Township is not at risk of shutting down if the levy fails, they will be forced to lay off 32 firefighters and close one of its two stations. There also would be no EMS service.

Mount said she hopes voters realize what is really at stake.

"If they want a fire department, they are going to have to go out and vote for one," said Mount.

Firefighters hope that enough votes will mean that the services received on Monday would still be there after Tuesday's special election.

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