Too Much Insulation Can Cause Homeowners Headaches

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In the world of weatherization, there is such a thing as too much insulation.

John Reichow and his crew from R-Pro insulation recently fixed a mess left behind by a previous weatherization company.

“This ceiling here that is above us was just bulged down and just barely hanging by a thread,” Reichow said.

Video captured by a homeowner showed what happened when the weight of the insulation in his ceiling exceeded the capacity of the ceiling.

“The ceiling just collapsed and made a big mess,” Reichow said.

While too much insulation can be bad, too little can be worse.

Reichow said that if homeowners want to lower their heating bills, adding just the right amount of insulation is the place to start.

“The No. 1 bang for the buck is typical attic insulation,” he said.

According to Reichow, because heat rises, if a home is not properly insulated with caulking and weather stripping, much of a home’s heat can be lost.

“You know if your home is not air tight, you know to a proper safe level, you can lose 30 to 40 percent of your energy to air leaks,” Reichow said.

While insulating is the single most important thing to do, the experts at Bankrate said that other things can save winter energy money, too.

Experts suggested turning off a dishwasher’s heated dry function to allow dishes to air dry; let hair air dry, which can save two hours of power a week; unplug unused electronics; and hang up clothes to dry rather than using dryers.

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