Toledo Jeep Plant Hiring Part-Time Workers


Chrysler says its plans to hire up to 1,000 part-time employees to give exhausted full-time workers a break at its Toledo Jeep assembly plant.

The (Toledo) Blade reports that record demand for the Jeep Wrangler and launch of the new Jeep Cherokee last year is driving the move to spell full-time employees who are regularly working 60 hours a week.

A company spokesman said Monday that Chrysler has hired 380 temporary part-time employees this year, though 50 have been converted to regular, full-time employees. Chrysler has collected applications for all the jobs and is in the process of assessing them.

Most of the new hires will get between 10 and 30 hours per week. They'll be paid $15.78 an hour, the same rate as new full-time hires.