Tino Ramos Takes Home 2012 10TV Bracket Challenge Championship


Tino Ramos probably didn't know it when he was there, but while he was covering Ohio State in the Final Four in New Orleans, he leaped forward in our 10TV Bracket Challenge standings by correctly picking who was playing in the championship game and Monday's champion.

Tino correctly had a Kentucky-Kansas national championship game, with the Wildcats winning. His performance gave him the top spot in our annual challenge since he was the only player who correctly selected the championship matchup.

Finishing second was 10TV's Kevin Landers, who also picked Kentucky to win the championship.

Beau Bishop finished third and was the top performer in our 10TV Sports team.

The Doppler 10 tandem team of meteorologists Mike Davis and Josh Poland tied for fourth place.

Choosing a Final Four of Duke, New Mexico, Syracuse and North Carolina proved fatal for 10TV's Jerry Revish, who finished in last place in the Bracket Challenge.

1. Tino Ramos 102
2. Kevin Landers 98
3. Beau Bishop 97
4. Mike Davis 95
Josh Poland 95
6. Jeff Hogan 94
Kurt Ludlow 94
8. Tracy Townsend 92
9. Dom Tiberi 90
10. Greg Miller 88
Chuck Strickler 88
12. Karina Nova 87
Maureen Kocot 87
Danielle Elias 87
15. Andrea Cambern 84
16. 10TV Bot/Tiny Blue Logo 82
17. Justin Moss 81
18. David Wilkinson 80
19. Chris Bradley 77
20. AJ Smith 75
21. Doppler 10 67
22. Angela An 53
23. Jerry Revish 44