Tiberi: 10-Year-Old Daughter Knew GOP Shutdown Strategy Would Fail

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Central Ohio Republican Congressman Pat Tiberi says he was frustrated by the House Republican leadership strategy used in the recent government shutdown fight.

"They believe we were Florida A&M going against Ohio State on a football Saturday with this strategy," said Tiberi.  "A strategy where you can't win in the end."

The 76-0 Buckeyes romp over Florida A&M earlier this season is the analogy Tiberi uses to describe the House GOP strategy against Pres. Barack Obama and the Democratic Senate.

"I think there is a majority of us in the House now that believe the strategy was wrong, but there wasn't at the beginning," said Tiberi.

As to who was responsible for directing the GOP tactics during the shutdown, Tiberi points to Senator Ted Cruz, who had insisted on defunding Obamacare - despite the GOP being a minority in the U.S. Senate.

"My question to Senator Cruz, if he were sitting right here, would be 'If 46 Republicans can stand together and win, how does that add up to 67?’  It doesn't," said Tiberi.  "My 10-year-old daughter knows you can't defund Obamacare because you have to have 67 votes to override a veto by a president named Obama."

When the shutdown ended on Wednesday, Republicans in Washington blamed each other.

"Had Senate Republicans united, and supported House Republicans, the outcome would have been very different," said Cruz.

"That cannot be helpful to the Republican Party," said Senator John McCain.  "This infighting is hurting the Republican Party and it should stop."

Tiberi says the only Republican who may have benefited from the shutdown is Cruz himself.

"Ted Cruz is running for president, so Ted Cruz has a Ted Cruz strategy about running for president," said Tiberi.  "I think in a primary it benefits him."

Looking ahead to the looming battle over the debt and spending and another deadline in January, Tiberi says Obama and Senate Democrats will need to negotiate with Republicans.

“The President has been missing in action on negotiating,” said Tiberi.  “The President has been about optics because he thinks he can take the House back.  At some point in time when he decides he can’t (take) the House, I hope we can get the big deal done.”

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