Three People Arrested After Beating Of Developmentally Disabled Woman


Three people are behind bars, accused of stripping & beating a woman, then videotaping the assault.

Court records reveal the victim told investigators her kidnapper took her to a motel with green doors, and now, police believe that motel is located on East Dublin Granville Road. 

Prosecutors say the attack happened in late February and say the mental torture that went on in room 259 was heinous.

Court documents say the victim, who is mildly developmentally disabled, told investigators she was waiting for the bus at Cleveland Avenue and 22nd Street when a man she recognized grabbed her by her coat and forced her into his car.

Prosecutors say 28-year old Kenneth Woodson  was behind the wheel.  Investigators believe Woodson drove the victim to the north Columbus motel. 

A search warrant obtained by 10TV shows the victim says Woodson told her, "she needed to earn him some money."  She says she told him she was not a "prostitute" and says that's when the man's girlfriend took her clothing and "forced her to stand naked."  The victim told police the couple took turns "hitting and punching" her and "videotaped" the assault on their cell phone.  She says they told her she would have to sleep naked "in the bathtub."

Woodson, Deosha Ward-Davie, and Jeanette Stanley are all facing felony charges of kidnapping and robbery.  Court records show it was Stanley who took the victim to the bus stop and paid her fare home. 

Chuck Gehring heads up Lifecare Alliance, a nonprofit health organization.  He says one in four elderly or disabled people will be physically or financially abused.  "I think the big thing we have to get done in society is make those penalties more heinous,” he says.

All three suspects are facing a felony kidnapping charge, which could send them to prison for up to 10 years.