Three Charged in Connection With Union County Overdose Death

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Three people were in jail Tuesday after deputies say their actions led to the death of a central Ohio father.

An autopsy revealed Scott Yasko died of a drug overdose and investigators are now going after the people they said gave him the drugs.

Yasko’s sister, Lynette Lowe said, “He was a very, he’d do anything for you kind of brother,”

It's been nearly three months since Lowe's little brother was found dead.  At 40 years old, the family man and father of three, died of a drug overdose.

On Tuesday, Lynette found out who allegedly gave her brother the drugs that killed him. 

Union County detectives said three of Scott’s former friends contributed to his death.   Jennifer Bittinger, Breanna May, and Marcus Wallen all face multiple felonies, including involuntary manslaughter.


According to court documents, they trafficked the drugs that caused the death of Yasko. Documents show they provided him with Methadone and Oxymorphone.   Union County detectives said when he was found in his Marysville home, he had both drugs in his system.

Lowe realizes her brother isn't innocent, but does believe the three who are facing charges should be held accountable for his death, and realize the pain they've caused.

“I’m sure they do realize now, and I’m sure they are sorry for what they did, but there isn’t enough sorry to bring my brother back,” Lowe said.

The Union County prosecutor said his office has prosecuted 11 people for voluntary manslaughter out of overdose deaths since 2004.