Threat Of New Drug Krokodil Has Mother Reaching Out To Addicts

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The group, called WhereWazEye, has opened its doors in Chillicothe to offer support to struggling addicts.  

One mother fears Krokodil is seeping onto the streets.  
Chillcothe isn't the sort of place where teenagers get addicted to prescription pills.

That's what  Cheryl Beverly thought, until she found out her sons were getting high right under her nose.

“The whole time he's talking to me I'm saying ‘Where was I?’  And he says you were right here,” said Beverly.

Beverly shared this home video of her 21-year old son who is now addicted to heroin.  In a drug treatment waiting room, the young man is barely conscious.

The addictions drove Beverly to create WhereWazEye, a volunteer grass roots effort to help struggling drug addicts.

Now, Beverly is worried about a new heroin like drug called Krokodil. It turns the users skin to a scaly black or green color, and rots flesh and bone.

Columbus fire medics tell 10TV that they treated a homeless man who they suspect used Krokodil and Beverly fears her son used it, too, after discovering exposed flesh on his arm.

“You could see infection and it was just draining and it was the double of his elbow,” she explained.

Beverly says she has no idea where her son is right now.

“I don't know.  I don't know.  And that's what's so scary is to know that he's out there and I don't know what, where, how?” she added.

Beverly says she won't give up on him, and says she is trying to keep addicts from giving up on themselves.   

Central Ohio law enforcement tells 10TV at this time they have no documented Krokodil cases.  

The Central Ohio Poison Center says there have been a couple possible cases in the state.