Thomas Worthington Students Rally Behind Coach During His Battle With Cancer


New hope for a local man who is winning the battle of his life with a little help from his friends.

Stephen Gussler teaches health and coaches baseball at Thomas Worthington High school.

Life through him a curve ball when doctors diagnosed him with stage four colon cancer.

His students and the community rallied around him and started the "GussStrong" campaign two years ago.

While doctors gave him just months to live, years later, he is still going strong after numerous surgeries, radiation and chemo treatments.

Just this past week, a scan showed no cancer except for one small spot which doctors will soon remove.

Now, players on the Thomas Worthington team are starting a new rally to honor their coach and help him win his battle.

Just this weekend, a Twitter campaign began to tell Gussler's story to the nation called "get Guss on ESPN."

"One tweet I know has 800 retweets already, in the last day and a half, it's taken off," said team captain Tommy Pischel.

"I think people need to see how strong Coach Guss is, cause it's a huge deal," explained pitcher Sam Ankrom.

"Just shows he's a great mentor, a great role model, not only a coach, but just a great person in general, who's help people through a lot of tough times, and we're giving back," said catcher Kegan Lanter.

They say for now, they just want Coach Gussler to concentrate on his health, but they still hope he can soon get back to the sport he so dearly loves.

"If we can just get him in the dugout, that would be enough, just to have him around, is just a confidence booster and an energy booster. We love seeing him smile, we love seeing him coach, even if he's not coaching, we just love having him around," said Lanter.

They hope to have Coach Gussler at Thomas Worthington's first home baseball game which is just 50 days away.