Thieves Target Newark Businesses For Surveillance Cameras


Thieves are caught on camera trying to steal surveillance cameras from Newark businesses and the owners say this isn’t the first attempt and they are worried it will not be the last.

Earlier this month, the owners of DOR-MAR Heating and Air Conditioning, on East Main Street in Newark, told 10TV they installed security cameras after several attempted break-ins at nearby businesses.

Then, over the weekend, that company was hit.

Police reports show both DOR-MAR Heating and Air Conditioning and Johnson’s Used Appliances have been hit several times from last March through this past weekend.

The owners of both businesses say their surveillance cameras were stolen.

Then as soon as they replace them, they are stolen again.

It's a cycle that has left the owners frustrated and concerned that thefts will never stop.

“It just continues to happen and nothing is being done about it, said Frank Johnson, Owner of Johnson's Used Appliances.  He says one of his surveillance cameras captured a man trying to steal the cameras from DOR-MAR Heating and Air Conditioning, which is just next door.

Johnson says the man used a rope to pull the camera down.  Then, 30 minutes later, came back to finish the job and quietly walked off with the camera.

A piece of rope still remains hanging on another surveillance camera that the thief was unable to get.

The business owners say they are at a loss as to what to do next.

So where do you draw the line? Do you keep letting all your stuff get stolen or do you have to make the front of your building look like barbed wired just to protect anything you have?” said Steve Brewer, owner of DOR-MAR Heating & Air Conditioning.

Other businesses nearby tell 10TV the same thing has happened to them and they are all worried things will get worse.

"I just hope nothing violent happens,” said Johnson, “because it is getting to that point.”