Thieves Target Kenmore Park Home Four Times Over Six Months

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A Kenmore Park man says his home has now been burglarized four times in the past six months.

Bradford Parton has lived in his Oaklawn Street home for 11 years.

He's felt safe living here, until last October, when he says thieves stole his sense of security.

But in January, they shattered it.

"The last time it looked more like they came and got what they wanted and left," said Parton. "I mean, there was some things disheveled, but they didn't rampage like in January."

Parton's home was burglarized once last fall, twice in January, and again this week.

Thieves have robbed him of nearly all of his valuable possessions: a big screen TV, laptops, watches, and most recently, his beloved 12-year-old yorkie, Roxy.

"She's not known anything besides this house, and me," Parton said. "And it's pretty hard."

Parton believes he's being targeted due to the hours he works, and the same suspect or suspects are responsible.

Columbus Police say the number of break-ins - while unusual - appears to be isolated.  Their reports don't indicate a particular uptick in the number of home burglaries in the Kenmore Park neighborhood.

Parton's home has been placed on "house watch," with police officers routinely patrolling his street and checking on his home.

But with most of his valuables already taken - and now even his dog - he wonders what more they could steal.  "It's just an odd feeling. You feel violated. You feel unsafe in your own home," Parton said.

The thieves used a different point of entry on each occasion. So in response, Parton is now planning to install a home security system, in the hopes he can help catch the thief before he strikes again.