Thieves Target Homes, Vehicles in Delaware Neighborhood


Delaware Police are warning residents of recent vehicle and home break-ins in Carson Farms neighborhood, off Houck Road.

Josh Baughn said when he discovered someone had broken into his home, he didn’t waste any time. “We purchased new deadbolts, got some locks, called ADT and upgraded our system.

He and his fiancé even put a privacy film on the windows by their front door.

Baughn said they were sleeping last night when someone got inside.

“We woke up at 2 a.m. and I heard the alarm going off, I immediately realized what I had done: I forgot to lock the car,” Baughn said.

Baughn said someone took the garage door opener out of his car and used it to open the garage door and get inside. He said the thief stole his fiancé’s purse and then took off.

Kendal Montgomery lives in the neighborhood. He said that someone broke into his home through an open garage door sometime overnight Wednesday.

“It was just one of those nights where I went to bed late, just hadn’t made sure everything was secured up and the alarm was set,” Montgomery said.

Montgomery said his computer and some cash was stolen.

Police said they also took more than a half dozen reports of unlocked vehicles being entered in the neighborhood overnight.

Baughn said he’s upset about the theft, but more about someone being in his home.

“That’s really kind of shaken us a bit. It rocked us to our core a bit,” Baughn said.

He said he hopes the security steps they are taking now will prevent another crime in the future.

Delaware Police said they don't have any suspects at this point.

They are urging residents to remove items like garage door openers and spare keys from their vehicles.