Thieves Take Property, Peace Of Mind From Residents Near Ohio State

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Dozens of reports show brazen break-ins near The Ohio State University campus over the weekend.

WBNS-10TV did some digging and found more than a dozen reports of home break-ins. Victims said that they lost some precious and very expensive possessions.

Peter Lane and eight of his roommates were inside their campus-area home when someone broke in through a window and targeted the most expensive loot.

“I had my whole DJ setup here,” Lane said.

Thieves stole around $7,000 worth of the equipment, which he used his life savings to buy.

The crooks also grabbed a TV and computer before running from the home, all while Lane and his roommates slept.

Colin Gardner also had some unwelcome guests over the weekend. Someone stole tools and electronics from his home.

“We opened up the drawer and noticed the firearm that we keep in the house, mostly for target shooting and self defense, was missing,” Gardner said.

Gardner placed bars on his windows and is more diligent about protecting his property.

“My greatest concern is that there's somebody out there and they didn't take everything and they might come back,” Gardner said.

Police have not yet said if the break-ins were connected.

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